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‘It Is What It Is’. Interview with Jeremy Deller

Posted in about Art, Interviews with Artists by sylvielin on May 7, 2010
“Personally, folk culture, pop culture or pop music are the things that I like and what I’m interested in. It’s a genuine interest, not fake. I grow up with it and know it. Also I’m interested in working with it as a material.”                           
        — Jeremy Deller, extracts from the interview
(Questions by Sylvie Lin & Amy Cheng. Interview realized by Sylvie Lin. October 16, 2009, London. Chinese version included in Art and Society: Introducing Seven Contemporary Artists, published by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2009.

Film still extract from Jeremy Deller’s ‘Memory Bucket'(2003)(video with sound, 21’44).Courtesy Art: Concept, Paris.

〔Extract from the original text〕

Early Years

Q Your earliest project ‘Home Alone’(1993) was held in your parents’ house in Dulwich. Was there an intention to share your life experience with the audience ?

A Showing in my parents’ house was done for practical reasons because I had nowhere else to show work. So I invited people into my house – I lived in my parents’ – to share the house’s space. But it was just by chance. I don’t really make works about myself that much in an autobiographical sense. That was through need rather than through a necessity or any conscious thing.


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