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Un regard incertain : “Vietnam” de David Claerbout

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  Vietnam, 1967, near Duc Pho (reconstruction after Hiromishi Mine) ( 2001 ) de David Claerbout est un court métrage d’environ trois minutes et trente secondes. Comme son titre l’indique, l’œuvre est conçue à partir d’une photo historique prise pendant la guerre du Vietnam par Hiromishi Mine, photographe japonais de l’agence Magnum Photo.



Interview with Philippe-Alain Michaud

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(Interview made in July 2006, Paris. Michaud is Director of the department of film of Centre Pompidou & Curator of The Movement of Images Exhibition)

Work by Alexandre Calder in “The Movement of Images/Le Mouvement des images” exhibition. Photo©Sylvie Lin


Interview with Jacob Fenger from Superflex

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“The Financial Crisis”(2009),film by Superflex. Courtesy Superflex.

“For me the idea of a tool is like a river without borders – it makes new possibilities but has an element of danger too. What may seems like an answer to other people isn’t always an answer for me. Even when we talk about the term ‘tools’ (…) these tools may not be a solution either. It may be a solution to something, but at the same time we want to see the tools as questions.”

—- Jakob Fenger, member of Superflex (extract from the interview) 

(Questions by Amy Cheng. Interview realized by Sylvie Lin. October 16, 2009, London. Chinese version included in Art and Society: Introducing Seven Contemporary Artists, published by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2009.


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