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Interview with Philippe-Alain Michaud

Posted in about Art, about Video Art, Interviews with Curators/Museum Directors by sylvielin on August 1, 2010

(Interview made in July 2006, Paris. Michaud is Director of the department of film of Centre Pompidou & Curator of The Movement of Images Exhibition)

Work by Alexandre Calder in “The Movement of Images/Le Mouvement des images” exhibition. Photo©Sylvie Lin

〔Extract from the original text〕

Q  You are the director of the department of film of Centre Pompidou. Please introduce the collection briefly and the new directions you would like to carry out under your directorship ?

A  I am the curator of the collection of films of the National Museum of Modern Art. We are gathering avant-gardes and experimental films since the opening of the Centre in 1978. Now there are about 1000 films of very different lengths in the collection (from one minute to six hours), of different formats (S8, 16 mm., 35 mm.) covering the whole 20th Century. We are still completing the historical collection and at the same time, we gather works made by contemporary filmmakers.
Now the situation has changed. Today, not only filmmakers make films but artists as well, who produce their works in limited edition, which change the conditions of acquisition. The conditions of showing the works have changed too. Now films can be exhibited in galleries or projected in theaters. So we present regular screenings in the different theaters of the Centre and “exhibit” films in the galleries of the museum. The new presentation of the permanent collection called ‘Movement of Images’ was an opportunity to experiment new ways of showing films in the open spaces of the galleries.

(The interview was originally attached to a report on The Movement of Images exhibition in the Centre Pompidou.)


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