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Art and Politics Revisited. Interview with Robert Kluijver

Posted in about Art, Interviews with Curators/Museum Directors by sylvielin on October 4, 2010

‘…art has freedom while politics has power.  Vice-versa artists wield little power while politicians enjoy scant freedom.’   —-Robert Kluijver (extracted from the interview)

Robert Kluijver, the person behind the creation of the first Afghan Pavilion in the Venice Biennale in 2005, has been an organizer of cultural programs between East and West.

Having lived in Afghanistan for a long period of time and engaged in local political and cultural activities, in 2007 he brought two exploded car wrecks from Baghdad to Europe. One of the vehicles was then donated to the British artist Jeremy Deller for his project ‘It Is What It Is: Conversations about Iraq’ which traveled across the U.S. That wreck is now in the Imperial War Museum of London.

In the four parts of the interview, Kluijver discussed the origin and the itinerary of the wrecks from Baghdad to Europe as well as his views on politics and art.   (Photo of RobertK in Baghdad, 2010 by Hatif Farhan. Courtesy : RobertK) (more…)