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From Flying Carpets to Experimental Cinema

Posted in Uncategorized by sylvielin on February 23, 2013

The art of carpets has a great influence on the art of the 20th Century : the fauvism and abstract art were inspired by Islamic rug art and foregrounded the visual effects produced by the flatness of carpets, the harmonious repetitions and variations of their patterns or their decorative characteristic. Such concepts are based on the assumption that the carpet represents a flat and abstract surface. 

〔Extract from the original text〕

However, through the Flying Carpet exhibition (held in Académie de France – Villa Medici in Rome ; dates : May 30~ October 21, 2012), Philippe-Alain Michaud (curator of the Film Department of the Centre Pompidou) proposed a different conception : the carpet is regarded as a metaphor for movement. Through the repetitive patterns, various compositions and textures, the surface of carpet is animated and thus becomes interwoven images and cyclic representations of figures. Such ‘carpet effect(effet-tapis)’ is represented in certain experimental films and the Flying Carpet exhibition attempts to reveal the similarities between the art of film and the conception of carpets (such as flying carpets) through juxtapositions of experimental films and contemporary artworks from the collection of Centre Pompidou with carpets from the collections of Musée du Quai Branly, Musée des Tissus de Lyon, among others.



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