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More Than a Magazine — ‘Parkett ─220 Artists Editions & Collaborations Since 1984’

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“Since its inception, Parkett has asserted itself as one of the best publications on contemporary art available today. It is one of those rare periodicals that does not resemble a magazine. The quality of its operations and topicality of its discussions combine to make Parkett both a luxurious and necessary publication.”
Centre Georges Pompidou【1】

〔Extract from the original text〕

Parkett(official website: is a bilingual periodical (German-English) founded in Zurich in 1984. Currently, the editorial board consists of Bice Curiger, editor-in-chief, Jacqueline Burckhardt, co-founder and Dieter von Graffenried, publisher. Different from magazines in general that cover various themes and sections, Parkett is unique in that its format is close to that of ‘monographs’. Before 1989, it was published four times a year with each issue presenting only one artist; after 1989, it is published twice a year and each issue presents two artists. Not only does Parkett cover both established and emerging artists, it also collaborates directly with artists in its editorial process including the selection of images and writers as well as the conception of the content, the layout, the cover and even the spine.【2】Among all the periodicals on art, Parkett is the only one that takes such an approach. The distinctive feature is also reflected in the title of the magazine. As Jacqueline Burckhardt explained in her recent lecture in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the German term ‘parkett’ means not only a floor made of parquetry but also the seats that are closest to the stage (as well as the actors) in a theater. Therefore, the title also implies the publication’s close collaboration with artists.

2. For all the book spines of Parkett, see





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