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The Disappearance of Film - Interview with Philippe-Alain Michaud

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(Philippe-Alain Michaud is Curator of the Department of Film at the National Museum of Modern Art -Centre Georges-Pompidou)

‘Personally, I would think that in ten years, all will be shifted into digital but film archive professionals consider that, from now on, the procedures accelerated and that we must envision the transition in a very short term.’

―― Philippe-Alain Michaud (quoted from this interview)

Exhibition view of ‘Movement of Images : Cinema, Art’ exhibition curated by Philippe-Alain Michaud for the Pompidou Center, 2006. The exhibition represents an example of transforming traditional film works into digital formats to create new experience of film-viewing : no longer fixed on the seats of the movie theater, the viewers become flâneurs/strollers in the galleries. Photo – Sylvie Lin


Interview with Jérôme Glicenstein, Theorist of History of Exhibition

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“As you said, there are particular tendencies in the art world at certain historical moments. It’s like fashion: we repeat the same styles every twenty years. In contemporary art, for example, in the 1980s, there was a global return to traditional or figurative art forms: many artists who produced conceptual art in the 1970s shifted to painting and sculpture.”
—- Jérôme Glicenstein, quoted from the interview (more…)

Chen Chieh-Jen : une pratique artistique comme moyen de résistance

texte par Sylvie Lin

Né en 1960 à Taoyuan à Taïwan, Chen Chieh-Jen a débuté sa pratique artistique dans les années quatre-vingt, l’époque où la loi martiale était encore en vigueur dans le pays. Dans cette ambiance lourde et contrôlée, Chen Chieh-Jen et certains artistes menaient des performances, parfois dans la rue, qui représentaient une provocation par rapport au système politique. (more…)

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History of the Photographed – The Age of Provocation. Interview with Chen Chieh-Jen

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A01 (640x242) (380x144)

Film set of Happiness Building I: Apartments

(Courtesy- Chen Chieh-Jen Studio)

Chen Chieh-Jen is the most renowned Taiwanese artist in the international art scene. His work focuses on the situations and psychological states of exploited social classes such as that of workers. In his works, he explores issues of colonization, globalization and capitalism in history and the contemporary world. In the second half of the 1990s, he made photographic works by means of computer imaging techniques, based on archive images of tortures or massacres before focusing on making video works. The interview with the artist traces his youth and education during the era of martial laws as well as his action art projects on the streets at the time. He also talks about the ideas of his photographic work and how, through his own practice, he attempts to construct a perspective on photography and cinema that distinguishes itself from its western counterparts.


Interview with Anselm Franke, Curator of the Taipei Biennial 2012

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Monster, History, Fiction

Interview with Anselm Franke, Curator of the Taipei Biennial 2012 

Interview made on the 22nd July, 2012, in Taipei

by Sylvie Lin

In contemporary art, photographical elements are often integrated into installation works or being used as a means of archiving. VOP interviewed Anselm Franke, curator of the Taipei Biennial 2012 (to be held in September) to talk about the topic of the biennial, ‘Modern Monsters / Death and Life of Fiction’ and specific photographic works that will be shown in the exhibition. 


”The City Is My Canvas”: Interview with Mr. Cat

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“I try to take part in the naissance and the exchange of a culture of proximity. (…) Tired of the individualism of graffiti, for several years, I try to develop a certain idea that is federative and positive.”

—-Thoma Vuille, a.k.a. Mr. Cat (M. Chat)[1] (more…)

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Interview with Anthony McCall

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(Interview made in Februrary 2011, Paris)



Interview avec Jean-Michel Frodon sur le cinéma d’Edward Yang

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(Jean-Michel Frodon est l’ancien rédacteur en chef des Cahiers  du cinéma)

Entretien par Sylvie Lin, décembre 2010, Paris


Entretien avec Jean-François Rauger sur le cinéma d’Edward Yang

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Art and Politics Revisited. Interview with Robert Kluijver

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‘…art has freedom while politics has power.  Vice-versa artists wield little power while politicians enjoy scant freedom.’   —-Robert Kluijver (extracted from the interview)

Robert Kluijver, the person behind the creation of the first Afghan Pavilion in the Venice Biennale in 2005, has been an organizer of cultural programs between East and West.

Having lived in Afghanistan for a long period of time and engaged in local political and cultural activities, in 2007 he brought two exploded car wrecks from Baghdad to Europe. One of the vehicles was then donated to the British artist Jeremy Deller for his project ‘It Is What It Is: Conversations about Iraq’ which traveled across the U.S. That wreck is now in the Imperial War Museum of London.

In the four parts of the interview, Kluijver discussed the origin and the itinerary of the wrecks from Baghdad to Europe as well as his views on politics and art.   (Photo of RobertK in Baghdad, 2010 by Hatif Farhan. Courtesy : RobertK) (more…)